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Threadsquare is where people from the fashion and lifestyle industries intersect. Our mission is simple: help industry professionals stay current on best practices and connect with other people working in apparel, accessories, hard goods and lifestyle products. We’re better together.


The world of digital commerce and retail are changing at light speed. Brands and individuals that adopt best practices will thrive in the future. Sustainability will grow from it’s current infancy to a standard required of every brand in order to play in the marketplace. Some best practices will evolve and some will never change.

At Threadsquare you won’t find non-essential content, or noise as we like to call it. Most publications are filled with “what if” scenarios, things only the big brands can achieve or just useless information. We’re focused on equipping our members with relevant, practical insight they can actually use in the real world of business regardless of brand size.

Raw, no fluff, candid insight to help you grow and thrive on your professional journey.


Our content and editorials are generated by people in the trenches. We cover everything from e-commerce and sustainability, operations and distribution to branding and marketing, finance and start ups.

You and Us

We’re not journalists, we’re the doers who’ve experienced success and failure.

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We hope you’ll join us and even consider contributing your insight with your fellow members. Thanks for allowing us to be a small guide on your journey.

Here’s to you and your endeavors!